Support member at Stacken

Stacken introduced an new member for called "stödmedlem" (Support Member) at our autum meeting at the 30th November 2017 (swedish) with a motion called "Ny medlemskategori"


With over 40 years Stacken has plenty of old members who have moved on and started working. It is important to remember that the club is primarily for students. The old members have always been an important part of the club, they bring deep expert knowledge and add a bridge between our members and companies.

We have always have had a flow of new members who are students, but we have over the years slowly built up a larger and larger collection of old members. They are rarely (or never) in the club room and not active members.

Both KTH and THS regulates that part of the clubs need to consist of students which in itself is a good idea. Stacken however, thinks that THS rules are a little too strict with the 50% THS members ratio who also students (this is not the same as 50% students, or 50% THS members). Since it was introduced, THS has mostly looked through their fingers regarding this rule but in 2016 they started enforcing this and realized that almost all clubs was way less than 50%.

Different clubs counted members differently. As an example, Stacken considered you to be a member if you paid your fee or was a new member (the first year's membership in Stacken was free). Some other clubs considered "everybody on the mailing list" or "the board" as being members. Stacken had a problem with the large amount of old members in our member list and needed to adapt.

We and several other clubs had meetings with a resulting motion that was voted down by THS but we got a good definition what they considered an member to be, a member is one with the right to vote.

Support Member

A large part of Stackens paying members are not active members. They never visit the club room and are not active in our various forums. They are effectively already support members (by behavior) and they never use their right to vote.

The motion just formalizes this behavior to a new member for called "Stödmedlem" (Support Member). We updated the bylaws with the "En medlem kan avsäga sig sin rösträtt genom att bli stödmedlem" (A member can disclaim their right to vote and become a Support Member) under section 6.

The board has no right to force anyone to be a support member and we think this is a very important point. The member chooses by their own will to become a support member. We do hope that members will choose to be support members to help us.

As a support member you have the same type of access to our systems and club room as an ordinary member. You are invited to all our meetings and events. By becoming a support member you will help Stacken to become a healthy mix of old and new members.

Thank you

We thank all that who has stayed as as support members. Your knowledge and community is important for us. We hope you will show up to meetings and voice your opinions even if you no longer have the right to vote.

You can submit to the board to become an ordinary member again if you are returning as an active member. If you have left the club you need to apply like and ordinary member again, if your intention is to become an support member it's important to mention it.