Stacken has a chatroom at KTH's Jabber server ( Here we talk about everything that has with Stacken to do. This is also our primary out-of-band channel i.e. it works even if our server hall is offline.

You don't have to be a member in Stacken nor study at KTH to join our channel. Are you a KTH student and don't have a Jabber account? You can create one at KTH's Jabber page.

Mailing lists at Stacken

We at Stacken have since a long time ago a number of mailing lists used to inform people on events with Stacken. If you experience problem on or having questions about our mailing lists, then please contact for assistance.
A generic list, everything Stacken, talk about problems, fun things to do or just the weather. This list contains both members and non-members. Note that this list is administrated and it can take some time if you send a email from a unknown adress.
A list for Stackens systems administrators, send relevant questions/mails here.
A list for Stackens e-mail administrators.

The Club Room

Our club room is open all the days for members. Thursday evenings from 7 PM are our traditional day where we meet in the clubroom and build something, debug a problem or discuss something interesting.

Non-members and guests are always welcome.

Archived forums

Here is a list of previous forum used at Stacken.

Stacken @ Usenet
Not used anymore. Mailing lists and TokKOM are used instead.
TokKOM - LysKOM @ Stacken
Stackens LysKOM is called TokKOM. This was used for generic conversations.
Planet Stacken [en]
Planet Stacken is an aggregation of the blogs of some of our members. It's not limited to just club-related topics or to any specific set of languages.
Stacken Blogs [en]
Stacken Blogs is a place where Stacken members can publish their blogs. The software used is NewsBruiser. Syndication on Planet Stacken is optional.